Green River To Release Two More Vinyl Records

Before there was Pearl Jam, there was Green River. Green River contained two key members of the grunge powerhouse, Stone Gossard (guitar) and Jeff Ament (bass), as well as Mudhoney vocalist and guitarist Mark Arm, Mother Love Bone’s Bruce Fairweather, and drummer Alex Vincent. On January 25th, two of the bands albums will be re-released on vinyl. The first is the band’s EP Dry As a Bone (Deluxe Edition), originally released in 1987 on Sub Pop records. The second is the 1988 Sub Pop release, Rehab Doll (Deluxe Edition). This would mark the third vinyl reissue from Green River (Come On Down was released in July 2018). Here’s hoping we see a Mother Love Bone reissue soon. You can pre-order both albums using the links below.


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