Vinyl Review: Type O Negative – Bloody Kisses (Run Out Groove)

The year was 1994, the month was August, and the venue was the Mirage Nightclub in Minneapolis, MN. I was a young kid aged just 16 years when I stepped into that venue that night to see Motley Crue headed up by their new lead singer, John Corabi. I couldn’t have been more excited since I was one of the Crue fans who loved the new direction they took with Corabi at the helm. I was out with my good buddy James and we got there early so that we could be right up front. We made it all the way into the second row of people (it was open floor) and waited patiently for Motley Crue to take the stage. Neither of us had heard of the opening act, Type O Negative, before the show and didn’t know what to expect.

As we waited for Crue, the lights went down and we got our first look at this band, Type O Negative. Peter Steele walked right up to the mic and told the crowd how much they sucked before launching into a brutal ear assault that I couldn’t take my eyes off of. It was amazing to say the least. My jaw hit the floor as I listened to John’s thundering drums, Kenny’s drop tuned guitar licks, and Peter’s pounding bass, and accented by Josh’s haunting keyboards. Then Peter began to sing in his low voice and I was hooked! I had never seen or heard anything like it before. I knew I needed to buy their CD as soon as possible.  To read the rest of the blog click here.

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