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Brian started podcasting in 2008 and has been podcasting on and off since on various topics such as football, wrestling, music, movies, television and more. Brian co-hosted the popular Buffy the Vampire Slayer retrospective, The Art of Slaying for over four years, and was a co-host and co-producer of the Continuous Play Podcast – Film Strip podcast for six years before leaving the podcast world. Now he returns to talk about his new favorite hobby, vinyl records, along with music related topics.

Along with the podcast, you will also find the new series of episodes called Tracks.  Brian welcomes his long time podcast partner Jay, from the Timeout, Need More Popcorn podcast, to help him break down some of their favorite, and not so favorite, albums track by track.  They will look at the songs from a musical performance, songwriting, and production point of view.  Brian and Jay are long time songwriters and musicians who hope to use their knowledge and history to help make Tracks stand out above just your typical musical critique.

Where to find the podcast:

Brian’s Vinyl Records is available on all major podcast apps and catchers.  Here are some handy links to grab the version you need:



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